About Us

Java Junction was just a food truck dream in 2010,  little did we know that an entire coffee line was just waiting to be born....

 In 2009 we stared a very small cupcake business OCB Cakes that create cupcakes in many flavor combinations, pretty designs and they were all STUFFED, because no cupcake should be empty inside. The small business grew and we wanted to start a food truck that featured not only awesome desserts but also breakfast sandwiches...we were already up early baking so a breakfast food truck just seemed to make sense. We found a location which sat where two roads met, hence the junction, and we knew  wanted to serve coffee, so the name  Java Junction was quickly written down as an option to consider.

Now fast forward six months, two weeks away from opening and the question was asked "What coffee are you going to serve?" Looking at the menu we create, the dessert that we were offering we knew regular coffee just wasn't going to cut it. So we threw some ideas around, tried lots of coffee, and even made a few batches of our own. We made a decision and set out to purchase coffee, on the way we made a wrong turn which happened to be a happy accident. We stumbled onto a local roaster that was willing to help us create a coffee line that was as unique as our food flavor combinations, and while talking about development, flavor combos we wanted, as well as the very short time line we had to pull all of this off, the name Java Junction Now I Can Function popped into my head and our company was born . We create 3 blends to start, Juan of the Best, Just Java and Jamaican my Java...now we have grown into many blends.

From the food truck we ventured out and opened our first brick and mortar, which was OCB Cakes bakery, it featured our Java Junction Now I can Function Coffee. From there we then opened Java Junction Coffee Bar and Grill which was the love f our life. We created an extended family and the community welcomed us with open arms. We continued to grow our coffee line inventing new flavors and expanding into organic, fair trade, shade grown and fair trade alliance coffees.

Tragically the restaurant sustained a fire in 2018, and never reopened. While we were looking forward to reopening and growing our restaurant even more, the plans never came together since we did not own the building the restaurant was housed in. Moving forward we wanted to keep getting coffee to our customers because after all one thing has remained the constant, familiar, accompaniment, to our story and that is the coffee, Java Junction Now I Can Function coffee. 

Now, in this crazy little adventure of life, we often find ourselves taking intentional wrong turns while taking Sunday drives just to see where our next adventure will take us.